Affordable, custom built contemporary design home in semi-rural setting.

Main floor designed with work, children and leisure in mind. The kitchen, dining and living room open to back yard and nature, while the den/office work space is located on quiet side of house. The upstairs TV room/spare bedroom allows room for a growing family.

Modern contemporary two storey home blends seamlessly between garry oak meadow and public greenspace.

Visual appearance is one storey bungalow due to land contour.

Large windows invite surrounding nature in, while interior transom doors allow light transfer, yet privacy with obscure glass.

We transformed a chopped up 3 suite house into a totally functional single family dwelling for a growing family. The back half of the roof was removed, reconfigured, and the upper floor maximized without adding to building foot print to allow for additional bedrooms.
The homeowner was downsizing from a large multi-level house to an “age in place” one-level space.

Existing structure is part of a Strata Complex, so exterior walls and facades had to remain untouched, and the renovation focused only on the interior space. An open concept plan was used to remove hallways and interior walls, and to make a bright open space that makes maximum use of the large windows. From anywhere inside, there are views of exterior living and landscaped garden spaces.

All photo credits: Vince Klassen Photographic